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I’m having troubles registering a GPS location

Check if the Start 2 Run app was granted access to your location:
Go to ‘Settings’ > our app > ‘Location’ > select ‘While Using’ or ‘Always’.

The following tips can also help to keep your GPS signal strong:

Switch off Wi-Fi completely when running.
Enable Apple Maps before starting our app. Apple Maps enjoys certain iPhone privileges that other apps do not. By keeping Apple Maps switched on, other apps can ‘hitch a ride’ on the GPS.
Some covers with magnets or metal parts interfere with the GPS signal. Try first running with your device in a fabric/plastic cover.
Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > enable both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data.

Always turn off battery saving when using our app. With battery saving, important functions in the smartphone are limited, such as the correct registration of your GPS signal.