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My subscription is automatically canceled after a few days

It is possible that you had a subscription, but it was cancelled after a few days without you doing anything. If you did not take any action, it was cancelled by the Google Play or App Store itself. This is the case 99% of the time because payment did not go through. The reason may be an expired credit card or, for example, a payment method that could not be accessed by an intermediary. We cannot see the payment method that you choose (this is only visible in the Google Play or App Store), but this is sometimes an issue with PayPal, for example, because they allow payment initially before carrying out a verification check. Please contact PayPal in this case to request support.

Normally you would have received a message from them, sometimes with the chance to rectify this within 7 days.

At this point you can retry starting a subscription via the official route. In that case it’s best to use a newly set up payment method.

Via the app store you can always view the status of your subscription under ‘subscriptions’.

Apple: settings of your device > click on your name > subscriptions

Google: Play Store app > menu at the top left > subscriptions

Or you can purchase a monthly or annual access via our online store on the Start 2 Run website. Access purchased via the online store is not automatically renewed.