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What training plans does the app contain?

The Start 2 Run app contains 25 different training plans in total. These 25 plans are divided across 6 different distances, being 5km – 7.5km – 10km – 10miles – half marathon – marathon. Plans are provided for each distance to build up to a new distance or to improve your speed for a certain distance.

All plans are created by professional & experienced sports coaches at Energy Lab

Build up to your first 5 km

The plan most followed is the build-up to your first 5 km. During each lesson you alternate running with walking moments to catch your breath. In 10 weeks you will build up your running minutes and reduce your walking minutes step by step.

How do I find the right training plan?

The general rule is that you first build up in distance before you focus on speed within a certain distance. By being able to complete longer workouts, you will be more prepared for intensive interval workouts to increase your speed. In our tips section you will find a handy flow that helps you determine which plan is right for you.