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Choose the right outfit in cold weather

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What do you prefer to wear during your training in cold weather?

Upper body

On colder days, your outerwear should consist of several layers. Your bottom layer consists of thermal underwear, so that your sweat is well absorbed, and your body heat is sufficiently retained. Above that, it is best to wear a running jacket as a top layer. By wearing different layers, fluids and body heat are sufficiently transported to the outside, so that you do not sweat during your workouts. Some jerseys provide extra ventilation in strategic places (such as under the armpits), so that the heat dissipation goes even better. Always choose a synthetic material such as nylon or polyester. Cotton is not recommended, as cotton retains fluids. You will quickly get cold.


Frequent runners usually prefer fitted long pants that follow the body contours, allowing you to enjoy maximum freedom of movement. Again, synthetic material is clearly the best choice.


Whether it is warm or cold, always make sure you wear decent running stockings. Running stockings differ from regular everyday stockings in that extra padding is applied to the sensitive areas. Good running socks also ventilate, so they don’t get wet. All these properties ensure that you have significantly less chance of developing blisters.