How do I find the time to go for a run?

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Division of time

Let’s take a moment to consider where all our precious time is going. A week consists of 168 hours. Suppose you work and have a family to support, 60 hours go to work and commute to work, 56 hours to sleep and 14 hours to eat. With this time division, there is still a good 38 hours left. These 38 hours are your free time: you take care of your children, go to the store, tidy up, etc. In those 38 hours you could free up time to walk. Try to free up 10% to move in those spare 38 hours. That comes to about 3.8 hours a week or half an hour a day. Go for a walk, run or do some chores in the garden, because that is also exercise!

Start 2 Run 

Running with the Start 2 Run app gives you more freedom than having to go to the gym. You do not have to take into account opening hours, you start at your own front door and you can do it perfectly on your own. This ensures that you can walk at any time of the day, when it suits you. But why is it sometimes so difficult to find a time slot? I would like to give you some tips!

Planning is key

The hardest part of the workout is the walk to your front door to leave. Find what can motivate you. Motivation gives the impetus to start and finish your task. It makes you run because you think you are getting what you need. Find your reason for running and what can help you with that. If you know the importance of moving well, you will automatically make time for it. In addition to internal motivation, also look for external motivation. The outside world also wants to help you achieve your goals. For example, join our Facebook group “I run with Start 2 Run” where you will find support and motivation from other Start 2 Runners, because we’re all in this together! Reward yourself and take part in one of our challenges for a chance to win a great prize. Music can also be an external motivator during your run, in the app you will find a lot of nice playlists. Plan to run together with friends or share your running workout with your friends, all this can help you get that run!

And finally

Do you really gain time if you skip exercising? Maybe at the moment, but certainly not in the longer term. If you exercise less, you will be less fit, which makes you more susceptible to stress, illness and you will also perform less at home or at work. So walking is not wasted time, but a healthy invested time. It is a way to stay fit and healthy and gives you a fresh perspective on things. Walking even makes your work go even faster afterwards. A win-win situation to put running as a top priority in your agenda!