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How do you treat an injury?

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Did you get injured? Then it is important to check what happened exactly and to visit a (sports) doctor.

When do I go to see a sports doctor?

If the pain has not reduced or has worsened after the second day, it is better to consult your (sports) doctor. Even after an acute injury, it is normal to visit your doctor.

Rice method

With injuries such as sprains and muscle injuries, it is important to provide correct first aid as soon as possible. The most important rules for doing this can be summarised in 4 letters, namely the RICE method.

R = Rest

For a full recovery adequate rest is indispensable the days and weeks after an accident.

I = Immobilise

Immediately after the accident, the affected body part must be kept as immobile as possible.

C = Compression

Apply pressure to the sprain to prevent swelling. This can be done by means of a pressure bandage, possibly in combination with a cold pack.

E = Elevation

Elevation by supporting the affected part of the body and raising it above heart level allows the swelling to dissipate more quickly by reducing blood flow and increasing drainage.


Treat the injuries with ice frictions (making small movements backs and forth over the injury) for about 15 minutes. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times a day.