Motivational tips for running – Part 1

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Are you someone who starts running fully motivated, but returns to your old habits after two or three weeks? These tips will get you started so that you can keep it up this time.

Because you’re not alone. As a starting runner there is a danger that you will not be able to keep up with your good intentions. That’s why I give you some of my best tips, helping you persevere!

1) Set a short-term goal

Nothing is more demotivating than making little or no progress. That is why it is recommended to set small and achievable goals for yourself. For example, it’s better to say: “I want to run two times next week” than “I want to lose 10 pounds in a month”. You will find that short-term goals are much more achievable, so you will be less likely to become demotivated because of lack of progress. This way you stay in the running for your long-term goal, which is to become fitter and healthier.

2) Take pictures of yourself

Don’t fixate too much on that number on the scales every day and take pictures of yourself instead. Make sure to take the photo when you first start running and take a new photo every two weeks at the same place and time, in the same clothes. This way you can see if you have already lost a couple of pounds.

3) Schedule your training in your calendar

Set an alarm or write in your diary which days you have time to run. Watch this week by week and try to stick to it. Check mark your completed trainings, this will give you a nice overview of your performance.

4) Get your running gear ready

The day before you start running, put your sports equipment ready in a visible place. When you come home the next day after work, this will motivate you to run either way. Not planning to exercise right away? Then put on your outfit, so that you no longer have an excuse when you’re getting comfortable in your sofa. Those sports pants won’t go off until you have gone for a run!

5) Try out a new route

Make sure you have enough variety in your running routes, otherwise things will get boring quickly. Look for beautiful parks, forests or running tracks in your area. If necessary, you leave by bike and then start your run. This will spice up your workouts.