Motivational tips for running – part 2

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Are you someone who starts running in good spirits hoping to lose a few pounds, but returns to your old habits after two or three weeks? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Especially as a starting runner there is a danger that you cannot keep up with your good intentions. That’s why I give some of my best tips so that you persevere this time!

1) Don’t overdo it

Do not suddenly start exercising extremely, without any build up or experience. It is better to let your body get used to running and the new lifestyle. Therefore, first walk short distances at a slow pace to avoid overload. The Start 2 Run app is perfect for that. As you have more experience, you can run longer distances at a faster pace. That way you avoid overload.

2) Invest in yourself

Buy a new sports outfit or decent running shoes every now and then, so that you feel like testing everything out. In addition, give yourself a gift once you have achieved a goal. For example, you can also invest in a personal trainer if you feel insecure. He will guide you and give you tailor-made advice. Admittedly at a price, but you will find that it is worth it!

3) Find a running buddy

Find someone you can run with. It is important that that person runs at the same pace as you. And if necessary, walk with your dog or with that of the neighbours. 😉 Can’t find a running buddy? Then ask the Start 2 Run Community if there are people from your area who are also looking for a running buddy. Win win!

4) Run with music

Look for music that gives you a good vibe while running. There are plenty of loop music playlists on Spotify. Or put together your own playlist. That makes running more pleasant!