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See and be seen in the dark!

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The days are getting shorter, colder and darker. Time to integrate some more layers into your running outfit and make yourself visible during training. This is possible with reflective clothing or accessories.

7 tips for better visibility

1. Opt for reflective clothing

Good visibility starts with what you wear. Don’t go all out in black, but consciously choose clothing with reflective lines or a fully fluorescent colour. Focus on your legs and arms. Because they are constantly on the move, you increase your visibility for other road users. Various sports brands have special reflective clothing available. Take advantage of it and purchase something similar.

2. Wear a headlamp

A headlamp not only provides extra visibility for bystanders (both in the front in white and at the back in red), but also gives you a better view of your walking route. Do not be surprised by potholes or other obstacles. Try to make the lights on your headlamp flash. This attracts more attention from drivers and other people on the road.

3. Plan your route

Check if your walking route is already well lit and choose a route with a separate walking path if you are walking on the street. In summer, a route through the forest can provide the necessary cooling, but this route is less suitable when it is as dark as night outside. Therefore, plan shorter training sessions in the dark. Do the opposite on the weekend.

4. Also watch out for fog & rain

Not only the light determines your visibility, but also take into account fog and rain that make you less visible during training. Unfortunately, that is also part of the winter period.

5. Run into traffic

When you walk on a public road, choose to run into traffic so that you can see the cars and other vehicles coming and can also anticipate when necessary.

6. Run together

Go out with a running buddy, that’s extra visibility & some company to finish your workout. The threshold for taking the step outside will be less with two. Double win anyway 😉

7. Notify your neighbours

If you live alone, it is recommended to inform your neighbours or other persons. Let them know you are going to walk. Things can go wrong faster in the dark. So be sure to give an indication of the time.

Keep these 7 tips in mind when you train in the dark this winter. Always be alert, and also look through the eyes of a motorist to determine whether you are sufficiently visible.