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Tips for your cool down routine

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Are you done with your training session? Enjoy your cool down before you jump into the shower.

The benefits of a cool down

During a cool down you gradually lower your heart rate and you give your body time to remove waste products from your muscles. This reduces the risk of muscle stiffness. If you choose to skip your cool down, you may feel dizzy after training because too much blood remains in the legs.

How do you perform a cool down?

In our training schedules, any higher intensity or interval training will end at an intensity that you can easily sustain. This way you can reduce your heart rate during training.

Post-workout stroll

Take a walk after training and enjoy your surroundings. Do you want to share your training with friends? Then you can immediately save your training session in the app and share your personal training details. A double win. 😉 And after you get out of your well-deserved shower, you already have some encouraging messages or likes on your shared training.

Butterfly pose

Sit on the floor with your legs in butterfly position: place the soles of your feet together and let your legs fall open like a book. What’s fun is when you do this with bare feet and gently massage them. Not only does it feel good for your feet, but it also sends a signal to your head that it is time to relax.


Did you just finish a high intensity training or competition? Replace stretching with a short recovery training the day after. Stretching after a high intensity workout is not recommended because your muscles suffered damage and stretching can worsen rather than repair that damage.

Balance on one leg and take your foot with your hand. Try to push your hips forward, keep your back straight and your knees nicely together.

Is there a bench around?

Don’t forget to stretch your upper body and arms.

Difference between winter and summer?

Make sure you stay warm during cool down. When the outside temperature allows it, you can finish your cool down outside. If you want to go for a walk in the winter, put on a warm sweater or dry jacket.