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Tips for your warm-up

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Ready to start your workout? With these exercises you can already warm up your muscles before training.

The benefits of a warm up

A warm up ensures that your muscles are prepped for your training session, so that the chance of injuries is reduced and you prepare yourself mentally for your running session. During warm-up, your heart rate rises and your circulation gradually accelerates. This way your muscles get more oxygen and you stimulate your nervous system. It only takes a few minutes before the start of your training, so why not 🙂

How do you start?

Once you put on your running shoes, you are ready for your warm-up. Choose a playlist in our app to get into the right rhythm.
Standing at the starting line of a competition? Warm up in the last 15 to 30 minutes before the start. It makes no sense to schedule your warm-up exercises an hour in advance.

Jumping Jacks

From a standstill, jump to a widespread position with your arms and legs, them jump back to a closed position. Repeat this at a rapid pace.

Knee raises

Jump on the spot and alternately pull one knee up, do this at a high speed.

Heels to buttocks

Jump in place and alternately pull one heel towards your buttocks. You also perform this exercise at high speed during the warm-up.

Difference between winter and summer season?

Warming up is recommended in both seasons. In the summer you can easily do your warming up outside, in winter you probably prefer a warm-up indoors. Because your muscles can use little more warming up in the winter, you can make your warm-up a tad longer in the winter months. Once you feel like you are starting to break a light sweat, you are ready to run.