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Ich möchte mein Konto deaktivieren oder löschen.

START 2 RUN – Energy NV

Deleting your account means that your personal data will be gone and will no longer be available to anyone. We can never get it back again. This includes:

  • Your basic account information (name, email, password and other personal information)
  • Your complete running history (your runs and the data associated with them)
  • Your participation in the community (comments, list of followers, etc.)
  • Your medals, records,…
  • History of our contacts, such as mailings or newsletters

Any functional data backups of our app, which are intended to safeguard the integrity, continuity and security of our app, are securely kept for a period of 1 month and are only used in unforeseen situations.

Data collected by other parties, such as your smartphone manufacturer, the manufacturer of the operating system, the owner of the app store, your login provider (such as the ‘login with Facebook’ functionality),… does not fall under our management responsibility. .

It is possible that your activities within the app were used for research, such as general running behavior, dropout, optimising the app and guidance, reporting in connection with special offers from partners within the app,… This study and reporting was always done with anonymised data and conforming the law, privacy and other regulations and requirements. The results of these studies were always generalised and not related to identities. The results of these studies obviously will remain.

The history of your contact with our helpdesk is separate from our app and will be deleted after 2 years without further contact.

TAKE specific steps YOURSELF

Within the app you can go to the menu (gear at the top left). At the bottom of the menu you have an option to delete your account yourself. Follow the steps on the screen, which specify the steps for your situation. Deactivating a current subscription is an absolute condition before deleting your account.


We can delete your account for you. Please note that we do not have access to your other accounts. We cannot therefore take any actions on, for example, your iCloud account, which is under the management of yourself and Apple and over which we have no access or control. We only delete an account if there is no longer an active subscription, as otherwise we will prevent some options for managing this subscription.

Cancel any current subscription. We can usually help Android users. Apple users must first take the necessary action themselves, possibly by contacting Apple.

  • Send an email to
  • We will verify ownership of your account with any additional questions you may have
    • Your e-mail adress
    • Your hometown
    • Your date of birth
    • Possible other account information

We delete your account, with the same result as the steps you can do yourself within the app.

Please note: a current subscription with Apple or Google may continue for a contractual period that exists between you and that party. Your active period may or may not continue to run according to the conditions they impose. We will only be able to delete your account once this period has completely ended.