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Start 2 Run Treadmill


The Start 2 Run treadmill simplifies your trainings even more. The treadmill automatically changes speed, exactly following the training you picked in the Start 2 Run app.

After countdown the treadmill starts and accelerates step by step to your set running speed. Are you allowed a walk or slower run? Then the treadmill will automatically slow down to your set speed.

This immediately makes training on the treadmill super efficient as well: you are running at the right speed at the right time.

Delivery to Belgium and the Netherlands only. Please contact us in case you would like to have this treadmill shipped to another country.

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For the ‘Start 2 Run’ 5 km starting schedule
Walk: keep a brisk pace
Jog: a speed you can keep up effortlessly for 2 to 3 minutes

For the other schedules
Recovery: low speed which drops your heart rate. This could potentially be walking speed.
Extensive: a speed you can easily keep up for a very long time. You can speak full sentences out loud.
Intensive: a speed you can keep up for up to half an hour. You can still talk, but mostly in half-sentences.
Interval: a speed you can only keep up for up to 10 minutes. Talking is very difficult and blocks your breath.
Resistance: your top speed at that moment. Due to exertion your speed will drop over time.

The Start 2 Run app and treadmill are connected during your training. If you stop the treadmill, the training in the app will also stop automatically. And in reverse, the treadmill will stop automatically when you stop the training in the app.

Does your smartphone lose connection with the treadmill over a longer period of time? In this case we also stop the training for safety reasons.

During the run you can still operate the treadmill yourself. So if you find that the speed is a bit too high after all, feel free to slow down the treadmill a bit. The app will simply follow.

After a run on the Start 2 Run treadmill, a summary of your training is saved. This means that the treadmill keeps perfect track of your average speed (running and walking combined) and the distance you ran.


  • Measurements (l x w x h): 170 x 70 x 130 cm
  • Measurements running surface (l x w): 132 x 46 cm
  • Power: 3.0 hp
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • Net weight unit: 85 kg
  • Speed: 1 –16 km/h
  • Hotkeys: Yes
  • Control keys on side supports for slope and speed
  • Automatic slope: Yes (1-15%)
  • Total amount of programs: 18
  • Programs: Fat burning program, heart rate controlled programs
  • Display: shows distance, time, heart rate, calories burned, speed
  • Heart rate monitoring: through chest band (optional
  • Heart rate receiver: Yes
  • Polar compatible: Yes
  • High quality finish: Yes
  • Unique: counts the steps you take!
  • Extra: Bluetooth connection with training app Start 2 Run/ Running with Evy and Zwift
  • Warranty frame: 5 years
  • Warranty parts: 2 years