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  • Start 2 Run - Loopband

    Start 2 Run Treadmill


    The Start 2 Run treadmill simplifies your trainings even more. The treadmill automatically changes speed, exactly following the training you picked in the Start 2 Run app.

    After countdown the treadmill starts and accelerates step by step to your set running speed. Are you allowed a walk or slower run? Then the treadmill will automatically slow down to your set speed.

    This immediately makes training on the treadmill super efficient as well: you are running at the right speed at the right time.

    Delivery to Belgium and the Netherlands only. Please contact us in case you would like to have this treadmill shipped to another country.

  • Subscription Start 2 Run Premium


    Whether you a starting runner, or you already have a lot of running experience: Start 2 Run has a training schedule that suits you. Discover one of our 25 schedules, start running and let our coach guide and encourage you.

    This subscription gives you access to all 25 training plans in the app with guidance from our coaches

    • 0-5km (4 variants)
    • 7.5km (3 variants)
    • 10km (3 variants)
    • 10miles (6 variants)
    • 1/2 marathon (3 variants)
    • marathon (6 variants)

    After purchase you will receive a code and instructions on how to activate your subscription.