Sylwina Spiess

News anchor

Sylwina is a Swiss news anchor and health advocate. She also founded a social media strategy and content creation agency.

Working out has helped Sylwina to successfully beat depression 10 years ago. From then on, taking care of her health has become an essential part of her take on living a good life.

Sylwina started running not only for her physical but also for her mental fitness and has come a long way since then. She is passionate about motivating people to move and to discover the benefits and joys of exercise.

Sylwina discovered running as attainable and rewarding for everyone on all fitness levels. Running can be performed anywhere, with minimal equipment, yielding a great spectrum of metabolic, cardiovascular and mental health benefits.

But as running can also bear some risks like injury or joint pain when not trained properly, Sylwina is passionate about sharing a proper and safe training programme with proper guidance by the Start 2 Run experts for everyone to discover the joys of running.